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Picture of patients speaking with doctor

Pneumococcal pneumonia is serious.

Pneumonia is an infection in your lungs. There are many types of pneumonia, and the most common type of bacterial pneumonia is called pneumococcal pneumonia. The bacteria that cause this disease can be spread through a cough or a sneeze or through close contact.

Symptoms can develop quickly and may include fever, chills, and chest pain with difficulty breathing. And certain symptoms, such as cough and fatigue, can last for weeks. In severe cases, it can even put you in the hospital and sometimes lead to death.

An important thing to remember is that risk increases with age. That’s because the body’s immune system naturally weakens with age, making it harder for our bodies to fight off infections and diseases. Even if you're healthy and active and take good care of yourself, you could be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia.